Historical Town Maps

The Historic Towns Trust is producing folded historical maps of towns and cities featured in its atlases. They are published by the Historic Towns Trust.

Each historical map shows a fascinating summary of the city or town's history, combined with an interesting introductory text, and a gazetteer giving brief details of the main features shown on the map. The gazetteers also carry illustrations in the form of engravings and early photographs.

Some of the maps in the series were originally published by Old House Books. Unfortunately, since Old House Books' parent company was taken over by Bloomsbury Group publishers early in 2015, the decision has been taken to discontinue publication of these maps. As a result, the maps of York, Windsor and Eton, and Tudor London are no longer available. However, the HTT intends to re-publish them in a new and better format.

The maps are available to buy through local booksellers and other outlets in the cities featured, or by ordering through any bookshop or on-line book retailer.  The Historic Towns Trust does not sell its publications directly, but they are easy to obtain by order - please order them through your usual book retailer, quoting the ISBN.

Three maps in the new series are now published by the HTT

The first in the series is an Historical Map of Oxford , published in the new format - a folded sheet map, with card cover, of the same dimensions as OS 1:50,000 maps. 

The Oxford map is the first in the series entitled Town & City Historical Maps  The map is available to buy or order. More details of the map can be found here.

The second map, an Historical Map of Winchester was published in October 2016 and details can be found here.

The third map, of Kingston upon Hull, was published in May 2017.  It is larger in format than Winchester or Oxford, and still at the 'standard' scale of 1:2500. 

Details can be found here.


Meanwhile, the following publications produced by Old House Books are out of print, but second-hand copies may be found  in bookshops or on the internet. 


Published by Old House Books, the maps are:

A Map of Tudor London 1520  -   republished April 2013

Historical Map of York about 1850 

Windsor and Eton about 1860  -  published September 2013



The old edition of the Map of Tudor London, entitled The City of London in 1520, may still be available as part of a set of four maps, presented in a slipcase, charting London's history (with maps of 1666, 1843, and 1902) published by Old House Books.  ISBN 9781873590799