Reproducing material from atlases

Requests to reproduce or adapt atlas material

Our aim as a charity is to make the information we research as widely known as possible. We welcome enquiries about using or adapting maps or other material from the Historic Towns Atlas.  Requests to reproduce or adapt map material from an atlas will receive favourable consideration. Requests to reproduce text material will also be considered and if appropriate we will contact the authors of the text to seek their permission.  Please note that the copyright in Volume 1 is held by Lovell Johns and requests to reproduce maps or text should be directed to them.

Reproduction of material is subject to:

  • acknowledgement of the source of the material; and
  • the protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights

A fee may be payable for commercial reproduction.  For academic or research purposes we would not normally charge, but we still need to know how the material is being used.

If you publish material from the atlas, we'll put a link on our website to your publication!

We need to be sure that the integrity of the original material is not compromised and the publication of the adapted material is consistent with the aims of the HTT. Please supply details of the material and place of reproduction as listed below.  Please submit the information either through the contact us page on the website or by post to:  Historic Towns Atlas, 4 Ferry Road, Marston, Oxford, OX3 0ET  UK.



Material for which permission for reproduction or adaptation is sought:

Atlas title

Map title or information to identify the text

Details of where the reproduction or adaptation will appear:

What you wish to do with the material (e.g. reproduce in a book, a thesis; publish on the web)

For material to be published: publisher, print run and price (estimated if necessary), geographical extent of publication (e.g. UK, world-wide), language of publication

Your name

Contact information

Please include other information that would be useful for us in considering the application.


Acknowledgement should be made in the following form:

Map first published in the Historic Towns Atlas Volume X, © The Historic Towns Trust, date


Adapted from a map first published in Historic Towns Atlas Volume X, © The Historic Towns Trust, date.

Material to appear on websites should be watermarked with © Historic Towns Trust, date

Watermarked map extract