Developing the Trust - reports

Historic Towns Trustees have been considering the format of future atlas volumes, and looking at the digital future of the Trust.  The result is two reports which, in the first, sets out our strategy for publications and for the sort of projects we will be running, and in the second our use of digital data and our strategy for digital publication.

Mapping a New Way Forward

A 'task and finish' group was set up to consider the way in which we run atlas projects and to look at the format of future British Historic Towns Atlas volumes.  It recommended a more streamlined approach to project management, and a new format for future volumes in order to reduce the cost of production and to enable a lower selling price for each volume.  The full report is available to download as a PDF below.

Digital Futures for the Historic Towns Trust

A further 'task and finish' group of trustees looked at the way that the HTT uses digital data, the way that it could be better used, and the future for the digital publishing of HTT material.  It also looked at developing the website and made some important recommendations about our digital strategy. The report is also available to download below as a PDF.