Canterbury Archaeological Trust, the Historic Towns Trust and Christ Church University are creating a Historical Map of Canterbury

Canterbury is one of England’s best-known and most visited cities. It is also one of its most historic.

Founded before the Roman conquest, the city became a Roman provincial capital with a theatre and temple complex. After Augustine arrived in 597, Canterbury was a key Christian centre and eventually the seat of England’s premier archbishop. Following the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket in the cathedral in 1170, it was a focus of European pilgrimage. After the Reformation it became a centre of trade and commerce and a regional capital as well as continuing to be a major church centre.

We're now starting a project to produce a historical map of Canterbury, to add to our series of Town & City Historical Maps.  The first phase of the project is the digitising of OS 1:2500 maps from the early years of the 20th century which will form the basis for the historical map of Canterbury.  The digitising is being undertaken at Canterbury Christ Church University, in the Department of Geography and will provide us with a vector map-base to be used for the creation of the final printed map. 

Information on Canterbury's history is being provided by Canterbury Archaeological Trust. Since CAT published a historical map of Roman and Medieval Canterbury in 1990, archaeological and historical research has revealed much more about the city and its development.  As a result, there is far more information now available that would benefit from being shown on a new map.

The project depends on our raising funds to pay for the map production and printing. Can you help us?

The Canterbury Archaeological Trust is leading the fund-raising campaign and we're asking individuals and organisations if they would like to contribute to this amazing project. Our target is to raise £10,000. Even small donations will help us acheive our goal.  Every contribution counts.

Contributions can be made by cheque or by PayPal.  Please add the reference ‘Historical Map’.
Cheques (made out to Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd) can be sent to: CAT, 92A Broad Street, Canterbury CT1 2LU.  PayPal payments can be made to

If you can Gift Aid your donation, we can claim an additional 25%. Please let us know your address and we’ll send you a form.

Attached to this web page is a sample of how the historical map of Canterbury will look, showing the area of St Augustine's Abbey.  Did you know that the Kent & Canterbury Hospital was once on its site?  Were you aware of the huge complex of buildings attached to the abbey church?


Once the map is published, we're planning to continue to the production of a full British Historic Towns Atlas volume on Canterbury, allowing us to publish a series of maps showing this remarkable city at key points in its development.