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The British Historic Towns Atlas project prepares and publishes atlases and maps of Britain’s towns and cities showing their historical development.

The atlases cover a wide range of towns and cities, from smaller places such as Banbury and Caernarfon, to larger cities, such as Nottingham, Bristol, Glasgow and London.

The first three of our atlases are available to explore online, free of charge. This includes both the atlases' specially drawn maps, showing details of historic urban landscapes, and the accompanying atlas texts, detailing the historical and topographical development of towns to accompany the atlas maps. These online historic towns atlases can be accessed here.

The British Historic Towns Atlas project is very active with new atlases in production. The latest atlas to be published is for Windsor and Eton, available to purchase here. Atlases are also in preparation for the cities of Oxford, Winchester and York.

As well as publishing atlases, the Historic Towns Trust, in partnership with Old House Books, also produces historical maps of a number of British towns and cities, published in a handy portable format designed for exploring places on foot, including York, London, Winchester, and Windsor & Eton, all of which can be purchased here.

For more information about the BRITISH HISTORIC TOWNS ATLAS, and our HISTORIC TOWNS TRUST that oversees their production, please explore our web-site or get in touch.

Prepared by historians of international standing and by professional cartographers, the British Historic Towns Atlases are aimed at a wide audience...

everyone interested in Britain’s historic towns.



What's appeared so far...

We have published four atlas volumes so far

Volume I: Banbury, Caernarvon, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hereford, Nottingham, Reading, and Salisbury

Volume II: Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, and Norwich

Volume III: The City of London from prehistoric times to c.1520

Volume IV: Windsor and Eton

and historical maps of

Tudor London in 1520

Winchester about 1800

York about 1850

Windsor and Eton about 1860

What's in preparation...

We're preparing atlases of








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